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François Joubert-Caillet is today an key musician of the viola da gamba, following the early music pioneers steps by rediscovering forgotten beauties as well as abolishing frontiers between musics with transversal projects (traditional and new musics, electronics, improvisation, contemporary dance, etc.).


François Joubert-Caillet has been leading L'Achéron since 2009 on the most famous European stages and has recorded for Ricercar/Outhere many CDs, in particular the recording of Marin Marais' complete Pieces of Violes (5 Books/boxes, approximately 600 pieces, 20 CDs) awarded with Diapasons d'Or and Chocs by Classica.

Viola da gamba teacher at the Conservatoire de la Ville de Luxembourg, François
 Joubert-Caillet also created Albus Fair Editions in 2021, an independent, fair and eco-friendly publishing house (, where he published his first opus of his own works for viola da gamba, Isola, as well as L'Achéron last album, the adaptation of Johann Sebastian Bach Orgelbüchlein for voice, viola da gamba and bandoneon.

Next release : Sainte-Colombe le fils Pièces de Viole by Ricercar-Outhere.

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