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In Greek mythology, Acheron is the river that Orpheus crosses to rescue Eurydice from the Underworld. As its name implies, L'Acheron wants to open a path between two apparently opposed worlds: that of the living and the dead, the past and the present, idealism and reality.

Created in 2009 by François Joubert-Caillet, L'Achéron is made up of artists from varied backgrounds: traditional music, contemporary, electronic, dance, theater, etc. and seeks to strengthen ties between the musicians and the public by making music accessible without denaturing it, painting with the richest and most sensitive palette all musics, wherever and whenever it comes from.


L'Acheron has been invited to perform on the most famous stages in Europe; on record, L'Achéron has released many CDs by Ricercar-Outhere (J. Schenck, A. Holborne, S. Scheidt, O. Gibbons, JB Bach, PH Erlebach) awarded by Diapasons d'Or, Chocs de Classica and Echo Klassik. Latest release: adaptation of Bach's Orgelbüchlein for voice, viola da gamba and bandoneon by Albus Fair Editions.

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